Information for Cities and Municipalities

Are you not sure where to find swanky gambling for fun? Go to the lucky pharao online echtgeld. There are many bonuses as well. Professor Hesp has over 20 years of experience in performance testing of asphalt cements and mixtures and is able to provide expert advice. Irrespective of whether the objective is to design new pavements that last, or to conduct forensic investigations on premature failures, the information provided will be invaluable.

Fees for asphalt cement evaluation are on a cost recovery basis and depend on the number of tests to be conducted (regular AASHTO M320 grading, extended BBR, DENT, modified PAV, chemical analysis for waste engine oil, polyphosphoric acid, polymers, etc).

Case Study

For a real world example of best-case and worst-case pavement performance, view the following video for Highway 138. Located in eastern Ontario, this pavement was constructed in two phases with identical designs but different asphalt sources. The southern half carries 7,000 cars each days and is in relatively good shape after approximately 10 years of service. The adjacent northern half is showing opposite performance while it carries only about 4,000 cars each day. For the poor performing contract the recovered asphalt cement tested positive for zinc, molybdenum, chromium, copper and a host of other metals that are regularly found in waste engine oil residues (a.k.a. rerefined high vacuum distillate oil or RHVDO).

Highway 138

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