Information for Prospective Students

Graduate Openings

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  • Warm mix technology;
  • Rubberized asphalt cement and mixture testing;
  • Asphalt cement and mixture aging;
  • Asphalt cement modifications;
  • Studies on anti-oxidants and dispersants;
  • Exudation studies;
  • Air rectified and air blown asphalt cements; and
  • Structure-property relationships.

Prospective students are encouraged to contact Professor Hesp. Accepted graduate students are guaranteed a full stipend of $22,000 per year for the duration of their program, which is normally 2 years for the MSc and 4 years for the PhD. Stipends are $28,000 per year for international students to offset their higher fees. For further information and to start an application please visit the Department of Chemistry website at

Undergraduate Openings

There are often undergraduate openings available during fall and winter terms on a part-time basis and during summer on a full-time basis. The following programs are used regularly for the employment of Queen’s undergraduate students:

Follow the above links for more information about these opportunities or contact Professor Hesp directly.